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Our Education Philosophy

MesraKids preschool is a learning environment that nurtures a child’s holistic development inspired by Regio Emilia pedagogical approach.  Children are encourage to express themselves in different ways and learning styles as they develop their personality. Our curriculum lets your children take the lead!

Children get the chance to explore academic and non-academic subjects in an independent, self-directed fashion. We also provide our students with a fun outdoor-focused environment to enjoy life skills learning that could prepare them for life

Our Curriculum

Multi-Sensory Integration learning

Multisensory activities is a way of teaching that engages more than one sense at a time. This approach isn’t limited to reading and listening.  All toddlers in MesraKids ,will take part in multi-sensory integration learning

Integrated Learning Activities

In MesraKids, we use unifying themes in very subject to achieve an integrated approach.

Thematics Learning

Differing from traditional kindergarten, MesraKids uses thematic learning activities, a child-centered approach encourages children take responsibility for making choices about what they will learn and explore.

Our Programs

Multi-Sensory Playgroup

Age group: 3 Years Old

If you are trying to find preschool programs for 3-year-old children, then MesraKids is the centre for you and your child! We specifically offer a 3-year-old toddlers sensory program to help children reach their full potential in various areas of education including communication, numbers, alphabets, and more. We aim to have each student on the right path to success.

Sensory Learning Objective

Nursery & Pre-k

Age group: 4 & 5 Years Old

In our pre-kindergarten program allows for an organized, integrated approach that can enhance each child’s learning experience. With this specialized format, Children learn to develop the literacy, numeracy, reasoning, and decision making skills that form a foundation for school readiness. This nursery and pre k curriculum given a balance between play and learning to explore the various learning opportunities around them. In addition, children learn socialization skills, build self-confidence and develop the preliminary skills to explore and experience their world independently.

Integrated Learning Objective


Age group: 6 Years Old

Our high-quality learning centres have developed K2 – programs that children are given further in-depth knowledge about various areas of learning including language; English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, mathematic, science, creative skills, and more well versed with the schooling system.

Our carefully crafted program is designed to provide children with the early foundation and framework necessary for the transition to get into a primary school of their choice.

K2 curriculum giving them a better idea to be focus on the area of learning development as in cognitive, social, physical, and emotional. We balance the right amount of play, discovery and participation to enrich each child’s education.

Extended School Care

After school care service is an extension of our half day program that dismisses at 12:30 P.M. Children are engaged in a variety of planned activities and are supervised by our afternoon teaching staff from 12.30pm to 5.30 P.M.
Following a nutritious lunch, short naps and tea breaks. Naps give children a rest for their mind a body. It helps them grow and develop and allows them to recharge.

Besides daily homework supervision, we also offer exciting classes including Chinese and English enrichment class, right and left brain enrichment program and monthly theme-based learning to help each child discover their strength and learn problem-solving and life-skills. It is a fun-filled afternoon that your child will surely enjoy!

Creative Thinking Simulation (CRETS)

Extra Curriculum

We offer a wide-ranging programme of extracurricular activities:

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